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The students went to carry out the activities of social insertion in the UBS (Basic Health Unit): PACS (Community Health Agents Program) Centro, in Garanhuns - PE. An explanation was made about the importance of toxoplasmosis during pregnancy, the inherent risks, how transmission occurs and, finally, prophylaxis. In this way, the pregnant women were able to clarify their doubts and talk about their experiences on the topic in question, together with the other health professionals who were present. In addition to the conversation, pamphlets explaining the disease were distributed, so that they could better fix the information and have it to be remembered in case of doubts. At the end of the activity, we applied a questionnaire, only for pregnant women, in order to find out if they knew the disease and its consequences. On the occasion, through an investigative questionnaire for pregnant women, when asked if they already knew about toxoplasmosis and the problems it can cause during pregnancy, 50% answered yes, they already knew about toxoplasmosis and its risks during pregnancy , 50% who did not, did not know about toxoplasmosis or its risks during pregnancy. When asked about the form of Toxoplasma gondii infection, 33.33% said yes, they knew the main forms of infection and 66.67% did not. And about the forms of prevention, 33.33% knew, 50% did not know and 16.67% knew some forms of prevention. 100% of pregnant women responded that there was a significant approach on the topic of toxoplasmosis. From these results, it is observed that the toxoplasmosis theme has great relevance for pregnant women and also for health professionals, since it is a subject little discussed and worked on, but of great importance.

Students involved: Maria Tamires Alves Espindola, Larice Bruna Ferreira Soares, Lucia Oliveira de Macedo and Wilder Rafael Ximenes Cunha